30 Sep 2015

A VW Drama; Trust Me If You Can!

A recent weeks, the world is shaking with VW's emission scandal. The question is; Will it be affected negatively on the VW's brand reputation or will it be affect of the sales decision of the potential customer? The answer of the first question is good yes.. And the second is no. Especially in the Turkey. Why?

Because we neither don't care about god damned emission amounts of the our cars nor the health of the our environment. So, if it would have about the fraud of the fuel consumption, we would burn the whole world... Anyway, there is a good article about VW's serious and affect upon customers;

Edward Boches says; "I've owned a few VWs in my lifetime. I bought them as much for the advertising as for the cars. VW's advertising made me feel good about the brand, the car and myself.
And like anyone who has ever worked in the advertising industry, I've admired the work and even been jealous of the agencies and creatives who made it.

Today, however, I feel sorry for them. They may not have been hurt as badly as customers who've seen the value of their cars plummet or the dealers who are likely to endure some rough times, but they too have lost something." You can read them all from here

22 Sep 2015

Is It Still The Same Brand?

That's an interesting article from Sean Miller about the life cycle of the brand and their managements. He's simpley asking that; If a brand changes its core offering and marketing approach gradually to the point where nothing of the original remains, is it still the same brand? Here's the Sean's approaching;

For marketers with a head for brands, the idea of start-up-like shifts raises a question: if a brand changes its core offering and marketing approach gradually to the point where nothing of the original remains, is it still the same brand? Will a state of constant reinvention leave your brand adrift at sea?
Some insight on this dilemma can be found in an ancient Greek paradox called "The Ship of Theseus." As a memorial to King Theseus, his ship was maintained for hundreds of years. Its rotting planks were gradually replaced until none of the original wood remained. Without any of the original components, was it still considered The Ship of Theseus?

From a brand perspective, the answer is often yes. Remember when the Hostess company - and its beloved Twinkie - closed its doors in 2012? The organization failed, but nostalgia for the brand brought it back. It's now under new management with an entirely new factory, distribution process, and consumer target. And it's become a $2 billion company. Few of the original pieces remain, but the Twinkie lives on. The full article is here.

18 Sep 2015

...and Google Has Lost Its Weights

It seems, the time is simplicity. Also for the brands. And Google has followed this order too. The new logotype of Google has released. (Here's the details of the story, if you're curious).

There are so many explanation about the purpose of this change. Like; "There are so many tech devices in our life right now and the logo (mean the old one) were not fitting for everyone of them. For example mobile devices." 

It's not wrong. But maybe the real reason is; the desire of the simplicity in our lives. Inventions, tech improvements, fiber optics, unlimited news sources and with the all the other marvelous things, as a person, we're feeling that like we're trying to sit and relax in the middle of the international highway, or trying to sleep in the middle of the rock concert crowd. In this fast life rhythm, we're barely catching the life. So we began to need a break. Otherwise, we wont be happy or satisfy. 

Now, we are seeking to simplicity in our lifes and its desire will be kept growing. The change of the logo of the one of the most powerful company of the mother earth may be the one of the reflections of that desire.